Bethel Baptist Church
Wednesday, January 22, 2020
A People You'll Call Family. . . a Place You'll Call Home
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Birthday's and Anniversaries 
May God Bless You!
(Please Contact Us  if we have made a mistake or need to add a celebration.) 

May 1  Jason Cole, Justin McKinney

May 2  Mr. & Mrs. Terry Bowers, Casey Walters, Belinda Griffin, 

            Kendall Kicklighter

May 4  Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Carter, Terri Donahoo  

May 6  Tonja Hancock

May 8  Glenn Hudson, Derick Rutland, Alexas Rachels

May 9  Ronnie Rainey

May 10 Lillie Scoggins, Adam McKinney

May 11 Russell West

May 12 Mr. & Mrs. Tad Harper, Larry Kendrick, Jack Martenn

May 13  LaMerle Segroves, Hanna Sunday

May 14  Grant Gilley, Alex Lassiter, Kaylee Mauldin

May 16  Mr. & Mrs. Mark Williford, Mr. & Mrs. Greg Myers

May 17  Jim McHugh        

May 18   Hazel Bell, Michelle Story, Sharon Pilkinton,                      

              Sonny Segroves

May 19  Linda Pirkle, Lilly Barbee

May 20  Stacie Alberson, Jill Kemp

May 22   Haley Hester

May 23   Corine Williams, Buffy Lacy

May 24   Billy Dalrymple, Rachel Walker       

May 26   Mr. & Mrs. J. R. Nipper, Robby Cauthen,

               Leann Lumpkin, Amy McKinney

May 27   Mr. & Mrs. Scott Bowers, Stephen Williford

May 28   Doris Martenn

May 29   Mr. & Mrs. Jake Cleghorn, Ryan Ireland

May 31   Beth Alberson