Bethel Baptist Church
Wednesday, January 22, 2020
A People You'll Call Family. . . a Place You'll Call Home
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WBLY-LP on 101.5 FM

 WJTR-LP on 102.7 FM 



Serving Sycamore, Ashburn, Rebecca, Chula, Irwinville
and surrounding areas 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
WBLY-LP and WJTR-LP are on the air to bring their listening audience closer to Jesus and encourage the community to know and live for Christ. 


Broadcast Schedule


                          8 am & 5 pm Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah

                                                 Laugh lines with Ken Davis

                       Georgia Religion News, from the Georgia Baptist Convention

                                      Phyllis Schlafly Reports, from the US Capitol

                     spots from Bethel children & youth are interspersed every hour

                         Local news reports aired hourly at 10 minutes 'till the hour


1:30 pm Family Research Council on current events  


                  9:00 am & 10:00 am - Bible Stories with A Visit With Mrs. G

                                                         Musical Fun with Karen & Kids

                           1:30 pm Family Research Council on current events 


    8:45 am & 11:00 am Live Worship from Bethel Baptist Church

        10:00 am  Live Sunday School from Bethel Baptist Church

            1:30 pm Family Research Council on current events 

             6:00 pm Live Worship from Bethel Baptist Church

Southern Gospel Music fills the remainder of our 24 hour/ 7days of Gospel programming.

For information about having your event aired over WBLY-LP or WJTR-LP

 to make request or suggestions you may e-mail us at:

or call 229 - 567- 4090

or visit


Also, let Keith Carter and Ken Karcher know

how much of a blessing the radio ministry is to you!!